Convincing Reasons to Switch To a Variable Speed Pool Pump


A pool pump is critical for the overall hygiene and functionality of your pool. Nonetheless, not all pumps are built the same. And while there are different types of pumps in the market, none is as efficient as the variable speed variety. While this type of pump may have a higher price tag when compared to its counterparts, here are convincing reasons why you should make the switch to a variable speed pool pump.

9 August 2019

How to Maintain Spa Parts so That They Last Longer


Engaging in excellent spa maintenance isn't just about making your spa last longer. It's also the best way to make sure it's safe and good for your body. From paying attention to spa parts periodically to routine spa cleaning, promoting a hygienic hot tub environment is simple. Monitor the water's chemistry  Monitoring your water's chemistry is easy, and it will tell you a lot about what's going on beneath the bubbles.

12 December 2018

Protecting Your New Concrete Swimming Pool


A concrete swimming pool is exceptionally durable. The concrete in your swimming pool is treated to prevent leaks and water damage. However, sooner or later, you will probably need to have your concrete pool resurfaced. During the resurfacing work, a contractor will repair any cracks which have appeared on the surface of the concrete. Below is a guide to some of the signs that it is time to think about resurfacing your concrete pool.

16 April 2018

Top Reasons Why Many Pool Owners Prefer Salt Water Pools Over Traditional Chlorine Pools


If what you require is a low-maintenance pool, taking the salt water pool route is a great idea. In the context of swimming pool care, the term "salt water pool" refers to a pool sanitisation system that uses a salt chlorine generator to produce the sanitising agents. An increasing number of pool owners in Australia are turning to sterns salt water pools because of the many great advantages that they offer over traditional pool sanitation systems, like manual addition of chlorine.

26 June 2017

Don't Believe These Misconceptions About Installing a Pool on Your Property


A pool is a great way for you and your family to relax during the summer and is also a good way to entertain friends on the weekends. However, before you have a pool installed on your property, you want to ensure you know all your choices and options and pick the best pool for your family. Note a few common misconceptions about installing a pool on residential property and discuss these with a pool builder as needed, so you're happy with your chosen pool for years to come.

23 June 2017

Why You Should Consider Installing a Glass Fence Around Your Residential Pool


One of the areas of the home where people like to relax and spend time with their families when the hot summer weather sets in is the pool area. But pools are a potential safety threat, especially for young children and people who can't swim. If you have a pool in your home, you should install a fence around it so as to minimise incidences of drowning.  A glass pool fence is one of the most highly sought-after pool fencing products available on the market.

21 June 2017

Outstanding Pros of Vinyl Liners for Your Swimming Pool


If you have a swimming pool, an essential component that you would need is a liner. These liners not only contribute to the aesthetics of your pool, but they also function to ensure your swimming pool is adequately waterproofed. This waterproofing decreases the risk of damage to your pool structure over the years. However, with the various liner options that are available in the market, you might be confused about what would be best for your needs.

19 June 2017

Essential Chemical Treatments for Your Swimming Pool


Pool servicing is an essential measure that you would have to take if your pool is to stay healthy and appealing. However, pool servicing is not simply about eliminating dirt from the surface of the swimming pool and ensuring that the various components receive professional attention from time to time. You also need to invest in the appropriate chemicals that will function to keep your pool water in the best condition possible.

17 June 2017

Filters You Could Consider For Your Swimming Pool


An essential component in your pool's plumbing is the filter. This element is tasked with eliminating any dirt and debris that has come into contact with your pool, ensuring that your pool remains safe for use. Nevertheless, filters do become worn over time due to the heavy usage that they endure. Knowing what options are available in the market would help you determine whether you should update your filter to a new model or if you should just purchase the same type of filter already installed in your pool.

14 June 2017

Pool Pumps: Maintenance Measures for Optimal Efficiency


If your swimming pool had a heart, it would be its pump. The pool pump has the important task of circulating water through the pool, which ensures that it is filtered as well as kept in a constant state of motion. Without these actions, your pool water would stagnate and become a breeding ground for a host of microbes, making it a health hazard. Nonetheless, not many homeowners know how best to care for their pool pump.

19 May 2017