Don't Believe These Misconceptions About Installing a Pool on Your Property


A pool is a great way for you and your family to relax during the summer and is also a good way to entertain friends on the weekends. However, before you have a pool installed on your property, you want to ensure you know all your choices and options and pick the best pool for your family. Note a few common misconceptions about installing a pool on residential property and discuss these with a pool builder as needed, so you're happy with your chosen pool for years to come.

Pools increase property value

Don't assume that a pool will automatically increase your overall property value; this often depends on the size of pool as it fits your yard, the type of pool you choose, and your neighbourhood. As an example, an oversized pool that leaves little room for for children to play might not be desirable with a family home. If your home is in a cooler climate, this might also make your pool less desirable than you assume. Talk to your pool contractor and even a real estate agent to find out the best type of pool for improving your property's value.

Pools need to be drained during the wintertime

Whether or not to drain a pool during wintertime will often depend on your area's overall climate and how you care for that pool. If you cover the pool and run a pool heater on occasion through the winter, this might keep the water from freezing, so draining it is unnecessary.

In some cases, it might even be better to leave water in the pool during wintertime, as this will protect the tile and liner from potential damage. Your pool installer can tell you the best way to maintain your pool throughout the year.

Any one type of pool is as good as another

Choose the type of pool you want for your yard carefully, as each will have their own needs for maintenance and cleaning, and some will be more durable than others. A vinyl pool is very durable and strong, whereas a pool with a liner may need more fixes over time. Concrete is also very durable, but tiles applied over the concrete may need more scrubbing and cleaning.

You also want to consider the appearance of the pool in your space; an above-ground pool can overwhelm a small yard, whereas a built-in pool won't interfere with your view of the horizon. A pool installer can help you determine the best type of pool for your property, considering its appearance, maintenance, and overall durability.


23 June 2017

Keeping Your Pool Looking Cool and Clean

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sarah and this blog contains advice and info which will help you to keep your home swimming pool looking cool. Last summer, I had a pool constructed in my yard and looked forward to enjoying a nice swim every evening after work. However, after a month or so, I noticed that the water was looking a little dirty. I called my friend who works as a pool contractor and he explained that I needed to treat the water to keep it clean. He came around the next day and gave me some top tips. I hope you enjoy my blog.