Critical Questions to Ask a Shipping Container Pool Builder


The pool building sector has transformed significantly over the last few years. Today, pool builders prefer to specialise rather than do everything in a highly competitive market. Shipping container pool builders are an excellent example of such a focus. Specialists in the area have cut a niche for themselves as the popularity of shipping container pools grows. Notably, the pools are incredibly trendy with small compounds. When looking for a shipping container pool builder, you need to ask them specific questions unique to their specialty. This article highlights a few critical questions you can ask.

Can Container Pools Be Elevated?

One of the most significant advantages of shipping container pools is their compactness. The pools can perfectly fit in small compounds as long as the lots are big enough to accommodate a container. However, shipping container pools can also be elevated; therefore, you do not have to restrict yourself to on-ground installation. For instance, if you want to renovate your home, you can hire pool builders to install a container pool next to your elevated deck. That said, pool builders must install a fence on an elevated container pool for safety reasons. Most importantly, a raised container pool takes advantage of the vertical space on your lot and lets you enjoy the scenery beyond your fence.

Are Building Permits Necessary?

One of the most common deterrents of building inground pools is the long and rigorous process of obtaining permits. Since in-ground pools are a significant construction undertaking, permits are necessary for accountability. Most pool builders diversify their services and help clients apply for and obtain swimming pool permits. However, you do not need a permit when installing a container swimming pool since you are not altering the ground's form or its usage. This means less work for container pool builders, allowing them to focus more on meeting clients' unique needs.

Can You Join Container Pools?

Although shipping container swimming pools are the ideal choice for homes with small spaces, they are available for just about any client. Therefore, you can still opt for container pools even if you have enough space for a standard in-ground pool. Besides compactness, most people prefer container pools because of affordability. Therefore, you might wonder whether pool builders can combine more than one container to make a bigger and longer pool. Notably, joining containers is possible for clients who want something big but affordable. However, joining shipping containers means that they must be welded, and you need quality artistry for the task. For instance, poor welding causes rusting and eventual leakages. In this regard, inspect the welded points of an expanded container pool before installation.

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28 January 2022

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