Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Infinity Pools


The term infinity means endless. An infinity pool is, therefore, a swimming pool that never ends, meaning the swimming pool water flows over one or all sides of the swimming pool to create a kind of water surface that appears to touch the horizon.

What happens is that the pool has two levels: an upper one (where you swim) and a lower one. Water is filled in the upper level to a point where you cannot see the wall(s) of the swimming pool. Of course, this means that the water overflows. The overflowing water is then collected by the lower level and pumped back into the upper level. This takes place continuously and forms a cycle and a kind of small waterfall.

Why Should You Install an Infinity Pool?

The main purpose of an infinity pool is aesthetics; you might either want to improve the aesthetics of your residential or commercial pool. A commercial infinity pool tends to attract guests/customers to your establishment, meaning it helps bring in more income.

Who Are the Specialists You Need When Installing an Infinity Pool?

Since an infinity pool is all about aesthetics, you don't want to get anything wrong. Find an infinity pool installation company that has been in business for quite some time. You should also choose an infinity pool company that has in the past installed infinity pools for people with the same businesses or residential properties as yours. This way, you get to physically see what the company did and the results.

You also need an infinity pool designer. Ensuring that the infinity pool merges/blends with the environment perfectly and beautifully, especially at the edge where the swimming pool water overflows from the pool is crucial.

Is an Infinity Pool Costly?

Compared to a standard pool, an infinity pool can be quite expensive mainly because you require two levels; this also means an infinity pool has high maintenance. Therefore, if you are planning on installing an infinity pool on your residential property, ensure you can afford it and also keep up with maintenance. The size of the infinity pool also contributes to its cost; the larger it is, the more expensive it is to install and maintain.

An infinity pool for commercial purposes is considered an investment since it attracts clients to your establishments. Your business can simply afford its maintenance as you enjoy profits from the increase in customers.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Yes, they are. They might appear unsafe because of the overflowing water, but this is just an aesthetic feature. There is a wall on the overflowing side that prevents you from falling. The current is also not strong enough to push you over the swimming pool wall.

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27 May 2020

Keeping Your Pool Looking Cool and Clean

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