Spa Problems You Need To Be Aware Of


Do you love spending time in your spa? When it forms a big part of your relaxation routine, finding that it's presenting you with problems can feel frustrating. Here are some of the most common ones and how you should respond.

Control Panel Error Codes

Your spa's control panel doesn't just let you optimise your experience. It also provides you with error codes that can sometimes feel mystifying. Unless you're familiar with your spa's error codes, it's likely that you'll need to do some investigating to discover what the issue is. Your first port of call should be the manufacturer's manual. However, if you've misplaced it then you can always consult a spa repair service to see what their recommendations are. Depending on the error code, you may want to stop using the spa until a professional resolves it. Malfunctions with certain components could affect your spa's cleanliness or safety, so seeking a repair is important.

Sitting In Cold Water

It's unlikely that you'll want to submerge yourself into your spa and find that you're sitting in cold water. Enjoying soothing blasts of hot water is a key part of the spa experience, so when it starts to cool down you'll need to investigate promptly. You can try some simple fixes yourself, such as cleaning the filter and switching the heater panel off and then on again. However, if they don't work then it's likely that you're facing something more complex. Using a spa repair service is the best way to return your tub to its usual enjoyable temperature.

Sitting In Still Water

Another common spa frustration is that you try to switch the jets on but they don't respond. Although sitting in hot water is relaxing in itself, jets that don't work can defeat the purpose of your spa. This is especially the case if you use yours for soothing aching muscles. You can try turning the jets to see if they're in an open position. Alternatively, rapidly turn them off and on again to remove any airlocks that are blocking them. Otherwise, you'll need a professional to perform an assessment and get everything running smoothly again.

Discovering Dirty Water

Nobody wants to sit in dirty water, and it isn't unusual to expect your spa to remain clean. Signs that the water is dirty include bad smells, discolouration and itchy skin after using it. You may want to try refilling the spa, adding the necessary chemicals and cleaning the cover thoroughly. If those measures don't work, use a spa repair service.


13 October 2022

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Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sarah and this blog contains advice and info which will help you to keep your home swimming pool looking cool. Last summer, I had a pool constructed in my yard and looked forward to enjoying a nice swim every evening after work. However, after a month or so, I noticed that the water was looking a little dirty. I called my friend who works as a pool contractor and he explained that I needed to treat the water to keep it clean. He came around the next day and gave me some top tips. I hope you enjoy my blog.