How to Maintain Spa Parts so That They Last Longer


Engaging in excellent spa maintenance isn't just about making your spa last longer. It's also the best way to make sure it's safe and good for your body. From paying attention to spa parts periodically to routine spa cleaning, promoting a hygienic hot tub environment is simple.

Monitor the water's chemistry 

Monitoring your water's chemistry is easy, and it will tell you a lot about what's going on beneath the bubbles. Using pH testing strips, you can determine whether the water is operating in a range that the spa manufacturer says is safe. If water becomes too acidic or too alkali, there's a chance that your spa parts will erode faster, resulting in a reduced lifespan. Additionally, poor water chemistry means you're unlikely to battle bacteria effectively, which is crucial if you want to make sure your spa remains safe to use.

Give the vinyl cover some attention

Your spa's vinyl cover provides plenty of protection against debris that could clog up the parts. When your spa isn't in use, keep the vinyl cover safe by spraying it lightly with a hose. Regularly removing the debris means the cover is less likely to collapse during periods of heavy rainfall where the water will interact with organic matter and weigh the cover down. By making an effort to ensure the cover remains snug, you also prevent debris from entering parts such as the filter and clogging them.

Make sure the cartridge is free from dirt

Your spa cartridge will filter dirt and grime from the water, which means you need to make sure it's running smoothly at all times. Check the cartridge every three to four months for visible blockages. If you can see them, try removing them gently using a brush. If blockages aren't visible, don't assume nothing is hiding beneath the surface. You should flush the cartridge through using clean water and then use a chemical solution that your spa's manufacturer approves of. Depending on the type of spa you use, you may need to replace your filter every three to four years.

Finally, make sure you check your owner's manual to see when the manufacturer recommends draining and refilling your tub. Although chemicals and cartridges can reduce the presence of dirt, they won't stop it from accumulating altogether. When you do drain your tub, take the opportunity to scrub it with a little baking soda before refilling it. By doing so, you'll keep it looking white and sparkling.


12 December 2018

Keeping Your Pool Looking Cool and Clean

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