Convincing Reasons to Switch To a Variable Speed Pool Pump


A pool pump is critical for the overall hygiene and functionality of your pool. Nonetheless, not all pumps are built the same. And while there are different types of pumps in the market, none is as efficient as the variable speed variety. While this type of pump may have a higher price tag when compared to its counterparts, here are convincing reasons why you should make the switch to a variable speed pool pump.

A variable pump is highly durable

The rate at which your pool pump develops wear and tear is dependent on the amount of strain exerted onto the pump by the motor. For instance, since a single-speed pump will function at standard speed regardless of the cleanliness of the pool, it means that the same degree of pressure is exerted onto it each time it is in operation. Therefore, single-speed pool pumps require replacement more frequently than its other pump counterparts do. The variable pump is the best option since it is not exposed to constant pressure from its motor. By using this pump at different speed setting, there is less strain on the component, which, in turn, translates into minimal wear for the long term!

A variable pump makes your pool energy efficient

Although pool pumps are a critical component for the overall health of your swimming pool, not all pumps are energy efficient. The single-speed variety tends to be the least energy efficient since the amount of electricity it consumes cannot be adjusted. Hence, whether your pool is clean and only needs a little filtration or if it is incredibly dirty and requires thorough cleaning, the single-speed pump will work at the same pace. The dual-speed variety may be slightly more efficient than its single-speed counterpart is, but it only offers two modes that still consume a substantial amount of electricity. The variable speed pump, on the other hand, gives you complete control on the degree of energy consumption since you can use the lowest setting depending on the state of your pool!

A variable pump can offer remote accessibility

New-age technology has presented the opportunity to cart out a majority of tasks directly on your smartphone. From changing the temperature on your residential AC system to checking the security cameras on your property, you can keep a keen eye on your home irrespective of where you are. Thus, it only makes sense to be able to monitor your pool pump remotely! Some variable pump brands offer this technology so that you can change the settings or switch off your variable pool pump via remote accessibility.

Keep these points in mind when looking for a pool pump.


9 August 2019

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