Top Reasons Why Many Pool Owners Prefer Salt Water Pools Over Traditional Chlorine Pools


If what you require is a low-maintenance pool, taking the salt water pool route is a great idea. In the context of swimming pool care, the term "salt water pool" refers to a pool sanitisation system that uses a salt chlorine generator to produce the sanitising agents. An increasing number of pool owners in Australia are turning to sterns salt water pools because of the many great advantages that they offer over traditional pool sanitation systems, like manual addition of chlorine. Below are a few of those advantages.

"Softer" feel

If you have used rainwater to manually wash your clothes, you know that the water is smooth to the touch and enjoyable to wash with. It is no different with salt water pools — the water is gentler on the skin and is more desirable to swim in when compared to the sometimes rough feel of traditional chlorine.

Gentler on the skin and eyes

With a salt chlorine generator, lower levels of chlorine are added to the pool water. As a result, the water does not contain high levels of irritants that may harm the skin and eyes, especially for individuals who are sensitive to chlorine. Hence, salt water pools are a healthier choice for your family.

Less pungent odour and taste

The lower quantities of chlorine added to the pool water using a salt chlorine generator produce less powerful "chlorine" smell, which may cause nose irritation. In addition to that, the water does not taste as bad as the one in traditional chlorine pools, so you won't mind a little water accidentally getting in your mouth.

More cost efficient over the long term

While the initial investment for a salt water pool is quite high compared to that for a traditional chlorine pool, substantial cost savings can be realised over the long term. The salt used to produce chlorine does not evaporate quickly, meaning you will hardly need to replenish chlorine unless there has been significant water loss from your pool.

Contrary to what many people might think, salt water pools aren't free of chlorine. Instead of directly adding chlorine to the pool water, salt water sanitisation systems simply use a generator to produce low levels of chlorine from salt. As the pool water contains chlorine, the health risks associated with traditional chlorine can still affect those who swim in the pools, so it is imperative to constantly monitor chlorine levels in salt water pools. 


26 June 2017

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