Essential Chemical Treatments for Your Swimming Pool


Pool servicing is an essential measure that you would have to take if your pool is to stay healthy and appealing. However, pool servicing is not simply about eliminating dirt from the surface of the swimming pool and ensuring that the various components receive professional attention from time to time. You also need to invest in the appropriate chemicals that will function to keep your pool water in the best condition possible.

17 June 2017

Filters You Could Consider For Your Swimming Pool


An essential component in your pool's plumbing is the filter. This element is tasked with eliminating any dirt and debris that has come into contact with your pool, ensuring that your pool remains safe for use. Nevertheless, filters do become worn over time due to the heavy usage that they endure. Knowing what options are available in the market would help you determine whether you should update your filter to a new model or if you should just purchase the same type of filter already installed in your pool.

14 June 2017

Pool Pumps: Maintenance Measures for Optimal Efficiency


If your swimming pool had a heart, it would be its pump. The pool pump has the important task of circulating water through the pool, which ensures that it is filtered as well as kept in a constant state of motion. Without these actions, your pool water would stagnate and become a breeding ground for a host of microbes, making it a health hazard. Nonetheless, not many homeowners know how best to care for their pool pump.

19 May 2017