Essential Chemical Treatments for Your Swimming Pool


Pool servicing is an essential measure that you would have to take if your pool is to stay healthy and appealing. However, pool servicing is not simply about eliminating dirt from the surface of the swimming pool and ensuring that the various components receive professional attention from time to time. You also need to invest in the appropriate chemicals that will function to keep your pool water in the best condition possible. So what are some of the essential chemical treatments that you should have?

Water sanitizers

Arguably sanitizers are one of the essential chemicals for your swimming pool as they function to control the growth of algae, bacteria and other microbes in your swimming pool. Routine application of sanitizers will decrease the risk of viruses thriving in your pool and will help in enhancing the clarity of the pool water. The most widely used sanitizer in the pool industry is chlorine. The chlorine is available in various forms including tablets, granules as well as a liquid sanitizer. You may also consider investing in a chlorine generator that would automatically inject this sanitizer into your swimming pool. If your pool is unsheltered, it is recommended to use stabilised chlorine to prevent it from prematurely breaking down due to constant exposure to UV rays. If you find that chlorine is too strong a sanitizer, you may opt to use bromine.

Water algaecides

This type of chemical acts as an extra preventive measure when it comes to the controlling the growth of algae in your swimming pool. Therefore, it should always be used in tandem with a sanitizer, rather than applying it on its own. The most common algaecide available is quaternary ammonia. It is useful in combatting the mild growth of algae, which ensures that your swimming pool retains a pristine appearance. It should be noted that algaecides come in varying concentrations. Therefore, it would be important to consult with your pool contractor on what concentration would be best for your pool depending on the size as well as the amount of usage that your swimming pool receives. It should be noted that too much algaecide in your swimming pool could cause the water to foam at the top.

Water oxidizers

Oxidizers are typically used to provide shock treatment to your pool water. The oxidizers function to disseminate any organic compounds that could be accumulating in your swimming pool. They are also helpful in eliminating byproducts such as chloramine that come about due to the use of sanitizers.

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17 June 2017

Keeping Your Pool Looking Cool and Clean

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sarah and this blog contains advice and info which will help you to keep your home swimming pool looking cool. Last summer, I had a pool constructed in my yard and looked forward to enjoying a nice swim every evening after work. However, after a month or so, I noticed that the water was looking a little dirty. I called my friend who works as a pool contractor and he explained that I needed to treat the water to keep it clean. He came around the next day and gave me some top tips. I hope you enjoy my blog.